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cashmere products are extremely delicate. their fibers are exquisite and fragile, no other fabric gives you the same sensual sensation. both soft, and desirable, cashmere offers warmth and luxury. cashmere requires special care and extra love. with the proper handling, your piece will always stay in perfect condition.

here you will find the essential care tips for your cashmere pieces.

while wearing:

the irresistibly soft material that cools you in the summer and warms you in the winter, due to its fibers that adapt to the weather.

after wearing:

cashmere is a natural product and has a regeneration process. unlike synthetic fiber products, those made of cashmere do not have to be washed after wearing them. we recommend our clients ventilate their cashmere after wearing. this will allow the fibers to recover flawlessly. it is important to store cashmere out of sunlight and ideally wrap the piece in tissue paper to best preserve the color, fibers and shape. we advise you to refrain from wearing your cashmere pieces every day, allowing the fibers to recover for at least a day to maintain shape and condition.

how to wash:

cashmere products should be washed after having been worn for at least four times. cashmere can be machine washed on the wool setting. we recommend that a special cashmere detergent is used.

to dry, it is best to place a sweater or cardigan on a terry cloth towel, this will allow the garment to keep its shape. as high temperatures damage the fine natural fibers, it is imperative that the pieces are never laid in the sun or put in the dryer to dry.

heavy knits should never be washed by hand. the fabric absorbs the water and causes it to lose elasticity and shape.

it is preferable to wet the stain with a special cashmere shampoo and gently wash it. we discourage the use of generic liquid detergent as it is too harsh for cashmere fibers. similarly, fabric softeners are not recommended.


iron your cashmere product by placing a wet cloth in between the layers. we recommend turning the piece inside out, ensuring that the iron is set at a low temperature.

after Care:

to restore softness to your uavi republic items, we recommend placing your piece into a freezer bag place it in the freezer for one to two hours. a steamer can then be used to ensure the fiber will remain in its original shape, preserving the soft

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