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cashmere is a thin layer of fine velvet that grows on goat’s. It grows in the cold in winter and falls off when it turns warm in spring. It has excellent characteristics such as it resists wind and cold, naturally adapt to the climate, and it is the most luxurious natural animal fiber that humans can use in textile materials.

we source our cashmere from certified sustainable and ethical partners that own organic pastures. they adhere to farming regulations approved by european standards that follow the concept of natural green for cashmere goat breeding.

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about the cashmere goat

only about 200 grams of wool are obtained from one cashmere goat each year.
as the name suggests, the cashmere goat comes from the kashmir region in south asia and nepal. it refers to a species that belongs to the family of domestic goats and is characterized by its floppy ears and small horns. about 20 different breeds belong to it.
the coat, however, is what breeders particularly appreciate about it: each cashmere goat “produces” only about 200 grams of the valuable wool per year – and only if the weather conditions to which the goat is exposed are right.

uavi republic uses cashmere wool from inner mongolia.

the wool is obtained with animal welfare in mind. only the best quality makes it into the uavi republic collection.

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