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uavi republic is a brand that offers wonderful luxury products made of cashmere. we sell our designs on our website and directly to you in order to offer a more effortless and personalized experience.

uavi is a creative journey fueled by a passion for knitwear and a desire to provide luxurious designs that caress your skin. we work with the most precious natural fibers using a range of yarn types and innovative finishing techniques. the sumptuous and luxurious properties of cashmere are the foundation for uavi republic.

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about the collection

at its heart, the direction of this collection is to bring meaning and personality to everyday pleasures.

we offer products that have longevity and will be loved for many years, complementing your style and adding lightness and a special feeling while wearing uavi republic.

minimalist and efficient design coupled with a sense of fun, and a joyful expression. fun with serious intent, we align our creativity with a greater sense of purpose.

we are increasingly considering how our products make you feel and of how feelings transmit the into the looks, mood-enhancing properties such as colors are a benefit we value.

inspired by this power of nature, such as a lavender night, the color that appears in the sky as the sun sets over venice.

supercharged simplicity, cozy enveloping silhouettes that bring about  supreme comfort.

wide and deep necklines for trans-seasonal layering, that explore the knitted set opportunities, just a few things feel more luxurious than a matching cashmere set.

relaxed cropped silhouettes with wide sleeve shaped for supreme comfort 
classic allover ribbed designs with a touch of sensualness.
coupled with the endless beauty of cashmere, the inner hair of a goat’s coarser wool.

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uavi republic’s goal is getting into an exchange with you about the ultimate insider tip in your favorite city. finding the best recipe, giving great beauty tips, making recommendations for other wonderful design objects.

we started our journey with ambition and strength, intending to make life more beautiful for others and build a community. all are invited to join us and be a part of our multisensorial narrative, to become passengers of our voyage, and explore the world of cashmere.

we are aware of the fact that all this means a high ambition and we know that only together we will reach a higher goal. we are starting small, but always personal with the goal to making your life a bit more beautiful…

we would be more than proud if you would become a member of our community, therefore.

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