about me

i was introduced to the world of fashion at a young age. having grown up between germany and italy, i was inspired by the picturesque vistas, the rich history and culture of my two home countries.

after completing my studies in fashion design in 2010, I spent the next 10 years gaining knowledge and experience from leadership roles in design, buying, and sourcing. and due to the limited selection of innovative and feminine cashmere products i began my journey to design and develop a new cashmere collection, and in 2022, uavi republic was born.

i meticulously focus on the design and quality of every single piece. i create pieces that share emotions and stories with people. the uavi republic collection is timeless, sophisticated, and effortless.

my goal is to create items that will become a companion for life! uavi is the perfect alternative to fast-fashion and seasonal thinking. no other fiber symbolizes luxury more strongly than cashmere all year round.

i source this sumptuous material from central mongolia. a place where large herds of cashmere goats graze the land, their wool gets collected by hand and processed afterwards.

symbolized by the pinnacle of the finest quality, colors, and silhouettes, uavi republic cashmere is a medley of the purity of the present moment with shapes that are current yet timeless.